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Squirrel Stopper Bronze Deluxe Squirrel Proof Pole System with Baffle

21.00 LBS

Product Description

Our Squirrel Stopper Bronze Deluxe Pole System is brand new!

SQUIRREL STOPPER DELUXE BIRD FEEDER MOUNTING POLE Stop squirrels cold! This pole system is 100% squirrel proof! An ingenious, squirrel-stopping baffle is built right in--the center cylinder rocks from side to side and floats up and down. Squirrels can grab onto it or climb past it.


  • Baffle moves up and down and side to side
  • 100% squirrel proof 
  • 16 gauge steel 2" diameter upright, 1" diameter cross tubes
  • Included auger for easy installation 
  • 8 hanging stations for your favorite bird feeder, hanging basket or other garden accent 
  • Each arm will hold up to 30 lbs
  • No tools required!

A screw-in auger is included to hold the pole firmly in the ground, and assembly is fast and easy—no tools required!
Four additional hanging loops have been added and now this pole can hold 8 feeders.  

1. Set auger onto ground and screw lower section approximately 24" into the ground   
2. Twist and lock middle section with attached shroud onto lower section. 
3. Slide 1" horizontal tubes through holes in top section.         
4. Twist and lock top section onto middle section.

Squirrel Stopper™ includes: Decorative cardinal top or finial top Top holder 2- 1" outside diameter cross tubes 4- eyebolts and nuts for hanging feeders 3- 3' x 2" outside diameter tube sections with "twist and lock" attachments Squirrel Stopper™ shroud (factory-attached to middle tube section) Steel Auger

Hang your bird feeders and start feeding ONLY the birds! More Birds! NO Squirrels!


Product Videos

How to Install Your Squirrel Stopper Deluxe Pole System 03:15

This video from JCs Wildlife will show you how to install your new Squirrel Stopper Deluxe Pole System. The Squirrel Stopper Deluxe comes in the colors of black and textured bronze. This pole can be purchased at

  • How to Install...
    This video from JCs Wildlife will show you how to install your...

Product Reviews

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  1. Beautiful bird feeder pole.

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 1st 2020

    We’ve only had this up for a few days, but so far we haven’t had any squirrels be able to get to the bird feeders. We placed this pole away from trees, so squirrels cannot jump from branches onto the hanging feeders. I ordered the bronze finish, and I love it! This pole seems quite sturdy.

  2. It works, no more squirrels eating all the bird food!

    Posted by Blake Tobias on May 24th 2020

    Hesitated purchasing this, as I’ve spent probably in the thousands of dollars over the years on this, that, and the other feeder, or pole system that says they’re squirrel proof. Well, I ordered this, had it out of the box and put together in minutes, took it outside, following the directions kept it away from any nearby trees, or roof lines from my house, and then screwed it into the ground. I then put up some new “non squirrel proof” ordinary feeders, filled them up and came back in the house to get ready to see the show.

    I have anywhere from 14 to 20 squirrels that enter my yard each day, and it was hysterical watching all of them trying everything they could to climb the pole with NO LUCK! This is a real squirrel stopper! Oh, bonus feature, I have around 12 raccoons that visit each night, and just like the squirrels were stopped, the raccoons were left with no way of climbing that pole! Awesome unit, worth every penny. Don’t delay, order your squirrel stopper today!

  3. The highest quality bird feeder hanger.

    Posted by RAD on May 21st 2020

    This is an excellent product. It is beautifully handcrafted and solid. I use it for blown glass hummingbird feeders and it looks other worldly! I may purchase another in the future for our other friendly birds. I would recommend this 100%.

  4. Seed Saver!

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 11th 2019

    What a great product, easy to assemble and install in the ground. Sturdily made and so far squirrel proof!