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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Squirrels

You see squirrels every day and probably don’t give them a thought…until they attack your bird feeders. But they are pretty amazing little fellas. I’ll bet you didn’t know that…

  • Squirrels eat up to 1.5 times their weight every week. That’s like me eating about 260 lbs. of food a week.
  • Squirrels can jump up to 20 feet! They average about 8 inches in length. That means they can jump about 30 times their length. That’s like me jumping 180 feet. 
  • The squirrel’s eyes are positioned so that they can actually see behind them. That’s why your dog never seems to quite catch up to the squirrel. 
  • Squirrels can fall 100 feet onto grass and not get hurt. Those repeated falls from attempts to raid your feeders are child’s play to a squirrel. 
  • Squirrels have a 44 day gestation period with 2-4 born to a litter. Mating season is February to May. This explains why the population of squirrels seems to boom in the spring. 
  • Squirrels sharpen their teeth by chewing on trees. Sometimes they chew on power lines, which can cause major power outages. So next time you blame the power company, think smaller. 
  • The male squirrel takes twice as long as the female to groom itself. That’s because female squirrels have not yet discovered cosmetics. 
  • The squirrel’s brain is about the size of one of the walnuts that it eats. Before you get over-confident, remember that the squirrel’s brain spends about 95% of its time figuring out how to raid bird feeders. 
  • Squirrels have warning calls to alert other squirrels of possible danger. The squirrel that produced the initial warning call is usually the last to leave the scene and run for cover. 
  • When squirrels start to fall, they immediately position themselves feet down and tail up. Their tail acts as a parachute. This is one of the reasons for the Squirrel Stopper baffle’s amazing effectiveness. When the squirrel tries to grab onto the baffle, the baffle moves downward, giving the squirrel the sensation of falling!

 I’ll bet that you respect that little squirrel a lot more now than you did 5 minutes ago!


7 Ways NOT To Stop Squirrels From Eating Your Bird Seed

Okay, you’re reading this because you are trying to stop squirrels from eating your expensive bird seed. At Squirrel Stopper, we know that the key is to do this without harming the squirrels or the birds. To that end:

Do not…

  1. grease the pole. The lubricant you use may be toxic to squirrels, and deadly to birds. The pole turns into a greasy, oily mess. If you do this during the summer, it will stink. The grease will flow in the rain (or from water from sprinklers) and will collect around the joints in the post.

  2. use capsaicin in the bird seed. This active ingredient of hot peppers doesn’t bother birds, but causes serious irritation to a squirrel’s mouth. How would you like someone to pour red pepper on your corn flakes in the morning?

  3. use a feeder with an electric current. This causes unnecessary pain to the squirrel.

  4. shoot the squirrel. Squirrels are very cute little critters. And they are God’s creatures. They are just trying to eat. Plus, they have many reinforcements!

  5. buy a bunch of “squirrel-proof” feeders. They are expensive. Squirrels and raccoons eventually figure them out. While trying, they will scratch them up or knock them off and ruin them. When critters get THAT CLOSE to the seed and they can’t get to it quickly, they get very frustrated.

  6. quit feeding the birds. This is what usually ends up happening. Squirrels lose, birds lose, you lose.

  7. buy ineffective baffles. Squirrels can get past every one in the marketplace except for the Squirrel Stopper baffle. It is 100% effective for this task. 33,000 have been sold, and it has never failed!

Remember; squirrels will still hang around to eat the seed that falls to the ground. And that’s exactly where we want them! Order your squirrel proof feeder today.