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Common Mistakes You Make With Your Bird Feeder

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Many people have bird feeders in their yards. Many of us have them because we enjoy watching these little interesting black-with-baffle-03.jpgcreatures. While anyone can set up a bird feeder in their yard, there is much more that goes into bird feeding than just filling your feeder with seed. It is important to understand how you can make the feeding experience enticing, as well as safe for the birds. If you are considering installing a squirrel proof bird feeder in your yard, there are a few feeding mistakes you should try to avoid.

Only One Feeder

Different birds have different feeding preferences. While one feeder may attract and work well for one species of bird, it may not work as well for another. If you want to bring in an assortment of birds into your yard, try investing in a variety of different feeders.

No Bread

While bread is made from grains and may seem like a nice treat for your birds, try to avoid feeding this to the birds in your yard. Most bread is incredibly processed, contains a lot of processed sugars, and does not provide birds with the energy and proper nutrition they need to survive.

Dirty Feeder

While this may not seem like a big deal, dirty feeders can easily become clogged, making it more difficult for the birds to retrieve the seed. Dirty feeders can also lead to spoiled and soggy seed that is not healthy or appetizing for birds.

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