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Check Out Our Bird Feeder Posts that are 100 Percent Squirrel Proof and Will Attract Numerous Species of Birds

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If you have a bird feeder, or many bird feeders scattered throughout your lawn or property, we might take a guess and label you a fan of birds. That is, you might be an avid bird watcher or you just enjoy feeding them, either way you have a soft spot for birds. And why not, birds, like any other animals, are interesting and fun to watch. If you have taken up a keen interest in birds and bird watching, you just might be interested in this list of rare North American birds. You never know, one of these just might show up on your property one day.

In recent history, there have been a sad number of birds that have seen drastic reductions in their populations. As you are probably aware, shrinking habitats and introductions of feral animals have all but wiped out certain species of birds. Here is a small list of critically endangered birds in North America.

The Inyo California Towhee is a chocolate-colored songbird found around streams in the Argus mountains of California. Their habitat has been damaged by feral livestock and their numbers have drastically diminished.

The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker is a large crested bird that was once thought to be extinct. There have been relatively recent sightings of this woodpecker in eastern Arkansas. To spot this bird would indeed be a magnificent experience.

Kirtland’s Warbler are most likely to be found in Michigan and Wisconsin. The good news is their habitat has more than doubled since 1997.

Feel free to look up these magical birds to better educate yourself about them. You just never know what type of birds your feeders will draw. Check out our bird feeder posts that are 100 percent squirrel proof and will attract numerous species of birds.