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Common Types of Squirrels Found in North America

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As you are probably aware, squirrels are pretty amazing little animals. Incredibly resourceful and extremely clever, squirrels are very unique creatures. Because they are so resourceful and clever, it can be difficult to outsmart them when it comes to keeping them out of your expensive bird seed. Luckily, we have developed a squirrel proof bird feeder that even the most clever of squirrels have yet to get past. So, while you are watching these furry little nut hoarders try to infiltrate your bird feeder, we thought it might be fun if you knew what types of squirrels you might be watching. There are two types of squirrels that are commonly found in North America so, you may have the pleasure of watching both.

Red Squirrels- Red squirrels are the most common squirrel in North America. They may also be known as the fox squirrel, as well as several other different names. Red squirrels, despite their red coat, are often mistaken for Eastern gray squirrels. Red squirrels are not found every where in North America. They are only found east of the Rocky Mountains however, there are some locations where the red squirrel has been completely wiped out by disease. Like other squirrels, red squirrels eat nuts and seeds but they are also known for eating small eggs.

Gray Squirrels- Gray squirrels are the other most common type of squirrel in North America. They are a little smaller than a red squirrel and often times, their coat colors can range from a reddish color to black or white. If a gray squirrel has a reddish colored coat, they are often mistaken for red squirrels. Unlike red squirrels however, gray squirrels almost only eat nuts and seeds. These squirrels are our scatter hoarders, like we mentioned in our previous blog.

If you would like to learn more about the different types of squirrels you may come across, you can find this information and more here. While these little guys are often seen as pests, we sure do hope you take the time to enjoy them from time to time. Call us today to find out how our squirrel proof feeders offer a safe and ethical way to keep squirrels out of your seed and where they belong. 045.jpg