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Order a Universal Squirrel Stopper and Start Enjoying More Birds and No Squirrels!

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Do you feel like you've been spending a fortune on fancy bird feeders and high quality bird seed only to watch the squirrels eat it all? Squirrels are very good at getting to a food source, and it can be hard to outsmart them. We were tired of watching our bird seed supply quickly dwindle, so we went to work creating a solution that would work with a variety of round or square post feeders. That's when we came up with our Squirrel Stopper Universal Baffle

Our Universal Baffle will fit on square or round poles that at 7/16" to 2". It is totally effective at stopping squirrels from getting to your feeders, and you won't have to worry about feeding the neighborhood squirrels instead of the birds that you love to watch. The black-colored baffle comes with the 2-piece baffle, 2-piece dome top, three different grommets, steel spring, attachment ring, and mounting rings and hardware. You'll have everything you need to quickly attach the baffle to your shepherd's poles. 

The Squirrel Stopper Universal Baffle is only $49.00, which is a bargain when you consider the amount of money you've probably already spent on stopping squirrels, finding the right bird feeders, and stocking up on bird seed. Over a dozen people have rated this as a five star product, so order yours and see for yourself what everyone is raving about! You can order through our secure website and we'll get it sent out to you right away.