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Our Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders Make it Easy to Enjoy Bird Watching

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Do you enjoy watching and feeding birds but don’t enjoy those pesky squirrels robbing you of bird seed? Although squirrels are interesting and entertaining little creatures, they can wreak havoc on your bird feeder and have you spending too much money and time trying to keep your bird feeder fully stocked. At Squirrel Stopper, we offer a wide selection of squirrel proof bird feeders that safely keep the squirrels out while still providing an inviting place for the birds.

One of our popular items is the Shenandoah Bird Feeder Post Assembly. This squirrel proof bird feeder is functional yet, aesthetically pleasing. This is an incredibly sturdy feeder that allows up to three hanging stations. Made from steel instead of wrought iron, this feeder is capable of easily supporting bird feeders along with small to moderately sized plants. But that’s not all! The lower support screws into the ground to provide extra support and stability and, of course, this feeder comes with the squirrel-proof Universal Baffle. Even better, setup and installation is incredibly easy and does not require the use of tools.

If you are looking for a way to keep those tricky squirrels out of your bird feeders, then be sure to browse our selection of squirrel-proof bird feeders. Our products are guaranteed to keep squirrels out of your bird seed so you can still enjoy watching the birds without having to spend a fortune on replenishing your seed. We have yet to hear of a squirrel getting past our universal design. Squirrel Stopper is widely recognized for our ground breaking and ethical squirrel deterring products. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our squirrel proof products.