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Our Squirrel-Free Bird Feeders Will Mean There is Food for the Birds at All Times

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There is something about bird watching that captures the interest of those who love nature. For the most part, birds are generally rather small and autonomous creatures that don’t really do a whole lot as far as activity is concerned. You cannot train these birds, nor do they make great companions, yet we are fascinated by them. Bird watching is the fastest growing outdoor activity in the United States and is a hobby favored by over 51 million Americans. As you sit outside and watch the birds as they bounce from feeder to feeder in your backyard, consider the benefits of bird watching.

squirrel free bird feeder

Anything that inspires you to turn off the bad reality show on the television and get off the couch can’t be all that bad. These small steps alone is a health benefit. Then you must take into consideration the vitamin D you instantly receive when you walk from the din of your family room into the great, sunshiny outdoors. If you take it a step further and track these birds to their natural environment, you benefit from the exercise.

Walk into your local Walmart and you will find CDs of birds chirping and singing. People buy these CDs to help them relax, to attain better emotional health. Your bird feeders attract a variety of songbirds that give you those sweet tunes without having to purchase a CD. You can open a window or sit in the sunshine, close your eyes and benefit from the therapeutic sounds of the birds.

At Squirrel Stopper, we enable you to enjoy the birds without having to feed the squirrels. That is, our squirrel-free bird feeders will mean there is food for the birds at all times. Come check out our products and enjoy the benefits of bird watching in your own yard.  

We Carry Humane Squirrel Free Bird Feeders

Squirrels are very persistent mammals and will approach a situation with a commitment to win. This means that they won’t give up too easy in any task they do. This includes the ongoing quest to steal bird food from bird feeders. Over the years, people have devised plans to keep the squirrel at bay and [...]

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