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The Best Way for Bird Watching Beginners to Start is to Implement Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders in Their Yard or Garden.

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Any type of hobby is even more fun when it is shared with others. This holds ever so true if your passion is birds and bird watching. Share your knowledge and passion for bird watching with family members and friends and you will no doubt open some minds to this fascinating hobby. Tell them the best way for beginners to start is to implement squirrel-proof bird feeders in their yard or garden. From there, the sky is really the limit when it comes to bird watching. 

Share your enthusiasm for bird watching by giving gifts to your friends and family members as a way to introduce them the the hobby. This could include decorative bird feeders, bags of quality seed or something as simple as a birding book or a subscription to a birding magazine.

Young children love anything that is related to animals, and they are fascinated by birds. Try visiting a local school and arrange a presentation to a class. You can talk about local birds, share your photos or teach them how to build a birdhouse.

If you have a favorite spot, besides your backyard, to watch birds, share this information with others in the neighborhood. You would be surprised at how eager some will be to join you. Don’t forget to prepare yourself for the impromptu field trip by bringing spare binoculars and field guides so all can learn.

Don’t forget to practice good bird ethics in any situation in which you find yourself. Being an active bird watcher and setting the proper precedent for those around you will instill a good example in future bird watchers.