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Why We Are Committed to Safely Removing Squirrels from Your Birdfeeder

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Although we are committed to preventing squirrels from stealing your birdseed, we are still captivated by them! They are fascinating and unusual little creatures who are also incredibly intelligent and we want to provide a safe way for people to keep them from robbing their seed. We have developed a squirrel proof bird feeder that ethically keeps squirrels out in the hopes that it will also keep the squirrels around. While their habits can sometimes be harmful to trees and your wallet, they can also do a lot help trees.

It is widely known that squirrels bury their food. Although squirrels’ habits can sometimes harm trees and keep them from reproducing, their habits can also be extremely helpful when it comes to the dispersal of their seeds. According to National Geographic, the squirrels’ process of gathering their food and burying it in several different locations is called scatter hoarding. This can be very beneficial for some trees. While seeds are naturally scattered by the wind or other animals, such as birds, squirrels can help trees achieve a greater level of dispersal by carrying seeds to and burying them in thousands of different spots. Many times these seeds are never recovered by the squirrels and are left to grow and develop into new trees.

While we may consider them to be pests, squirrels often serve as a great help to our environment. Through the dispersal of their seeds, they help to encourage the reproduction of trees. This is just another reason why we commit ourselves to providing safe and efficient ways of keeping squirrels out of your birdseed. Our birdfeeders utilize a revolutionary design without the employment of dangerous or harmful tactics. Please contact us to learn more about our products and how we can help you safely keep squirrels out of your expensive feed!