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You Can Install Our Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder In Just 4 Easy Steps!

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If you love watching beautiful birds visit your bird feeder, you probably hate to see a squirrel chasing them off and stealing their feed. Squirrels can eat copious amounts of bird seed, too, causing you increased expense when trying to enjoy the beauty of the birds in your area. Squirrels are crafty creatures, too, and you've probably spent a lot of your money (and even more of your time!) trying to find ways to prevent them from ruining your bird watching experience. That's why we created a squirrel proof bird feeder that can be easily installed in your yard with just four easy steps. 

You can see the complete instructions for installing the Squirrel Stopper on our website, along with pictures that detail the process. You'll simply be twisting the lower section into the ground, adding the middle section, sliding hangers into the top section, then attaching it to complete your squirrel proof bird feeder. That's it--bottom, middle, top! Then you'll have a bird feeder that birds can enjoy without worrying about a pesky squirrel stealing their food. 

The Squirrel Stopper comes with all of the hardware you need for set up, and also includes a decorative cardinal or finial top. Once it is installed in your backyard, you can add your favorite bird feeders to the steady arms. Birds will love visiting your backyard! Place your order for the Squirrel Stopper on our website and we'll get your shipped out to you right away, so you can get your bird feeders set up for the winter season--when birds need it the most!