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You Enjoy Watching the Squirrels Fail at Getting into the Bird Food Thanks to Our Squirrel Stopper

Posted by Madwriter on

Believe it or not, the birds you attract to your backyard with your assortment of bird feeders are a big part of the local ecosystem. You enjoy watching them, you even enjoy watching the squirrels fail at getting into the bird food thanks to our Squirrel Stopper. But you are doing so much more than just feeding the local bird population. Just take a look at what those birds who frequent your yard do besides eat.

Birds are a great way to keep unwanted pests out of your yard and garden. Most birds supplement their diet with aphids, mosquitos, spiders and all the other bugs you don’t want hanging out in your yard. Attracting birds with your feeders encourages them to take advantage of the natural food sources available right in your own back yard.

Sparrows and finches consume great amounts of weed seeds, thus making them ideal and effective landscapers. There is no reason you have to spent your summer pulling weeds, attract the right kind of birds and you won’t have to.

Certain types of birds, like the hummingbird and the oriole, are very efficient pollinators. This will help as your flowerbed will burst with added color from all the extra blooms created by these birds.

With the assortment of birds you are sure to attract, your family can spend quality time learning about the habits of the various species. You get to enjoy changes in plumage, courtship behaviour and even migration patterns. Certainly fun and educational material for the entire family.