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You Utilize Our Squirrel Stopper So the Birds Actually Have Food to Eat

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You love birds and bird watching, this is probably why your yard is full of bird feeders. You utilize our squirrel stopper so the birds actually have food to eat. However, you are also a fan of squirrels and you decide to set up a feeder for your furry friends. Here is a little information about squirrels and what they like to eat.

squirrel stopper

It is a shame that squirrels are looked upon in a negative way because of the fact they will eat almost anything. Many people just refer to them as rodents and are disgusted by them. Let’s face it, as far as rodents are concerned, these guys rank among the cutest. Squirrels have been a nuisance to gardeners for centuries. This is because most squirrels are vegetarians and we all know you don’t grow meat in your garden.

As we stated, most squirrels are vegetarians. One of the few exceptions is the flying squirrel who will eat small birds, insects and will steal an egg from a nest for a meal. But for the majority of squirrel species, they survive and thrive on nuts, berries, leaves, roots and their favorite; corn on the cob. Basically, if it tastes good, they will eat it. But if you want to make the squirrels in your neighborhood happy, all you need to do is dry out corn on the cob and hang it from trees for them to eat.

A yard full of birds and squirrels is an active and happy yard. Nothing can replace the joy of watching birds and squirrels get their fill of goodies you leave for them. It’s always a great start to any day.