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Feeding Birds is Not an Expensive Undertaking Since You Purchased Our Squirrel Stopper

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Feeding birds is not an expensive undertaking since you purchased our Squirrel Stopper. You thoroughly enjoy feeding the birds day after day, it’s a good way to relax and enjoy what nature has given us. Here are some tip for you bird feeders out there.

Once you start feeding wild birds, you should do so over the course of the winter months as birds become familiar with your feeders and rely on the seed for the duration of winter. If you need to cut back, do so in the spring when their natural food sources like insects are in abundance. During the rainy seasons, bird food can become moldy. This is not good for the birds so in is necessary to clean your bird feeders. Also, birds drop a lot of feces, so even the ground around your bird feeders needs to be cleaned and regularly tended.

We recommend you buy several feeders and place them in various spots on your property. Then you need to put different feed in each of the feeders, this way you will attract a variety of birds. And please be careful and alert about where you place feeders. Placing feeders too close to a window might result in window collisions, this is something you want to avoid. Also, make sure your pets don’t have access to the birds as they feed.