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Deluxe Squirrel Stopper Bird Feeder Post Assembly (Black) SQC05

21.00 LBS
Usually ships in 24 hours

Product Description

The attractive and durable Squirrel Stopper Bird Feeder Post is well-known in the birding industry as being the only product that is 100% effective in stopping squirrels from raiding your bird feeders.  Quit spending your hard-earned dollars on bird seed that squirrels end up eating and nice bird feeders that squirrels destroy. And you'll save hours each month on trips to the feeders that you won't have to make because your bird seed will last so much longer.  From now on, enjoy more birds and no squirrels!
  • Baffle moves up and down and side to side
  • 100% Squirrel Proof!
  • Black powder coat finish
  • 16 gauge steel 2" diameter upright, 1" diameter cross tubes
  • Attached auger for easy installation
  • 8 hanging stations for your favorite bird feeder, hanging basket, or other garden accent
  • Each arm will hold up to 30 lbs
  • No tools required!
  • Patented

Please Note:  When properly installed bird feeders should hang between 5' - 6' off the ground

A screw-in auger is included to hold the pole firmly in the ground, and assembly is fast and easy—no tools required!
Four additional hanging loops have been added and now this pole can hold 8 feeders.  

1. Set auger onto ground and screw lower section approximately 24" into the ground   
2. Twist and lock middle section with attached shroud onto lower section. 
3. Slide 1" horizontal tubes through holes in top section.         
4. Twist and lock top section onto middle section.

Squirrel Stopper Bird Feeder Post Assembly includes:

  • Decorative cardinal top and holder
  • 2- 1" diameter cross tubes
  • 3- 3' x 2" diameter tube sections with twist and lock system
  • 8- eyelet/s-hook/lock washer and nuts
  • Squirrel Stopper baffle (factory-attached to the middle tube section)
  • Steel Auger

Product Videos

How to Install Your Squirrel Stopper Deluxe Pole System 03:15

This video from JCs Wildlife will show you how to install your new Squirrel Stopper Deluxe Pole System. The Squirrel Stopper Deluxe comes in the colors of black and textured bronze. This pole can be purchased at

  • How to Install...
    This video from JCs Wildlife will show you how to install your...

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  1. So happy with my first one, I bought a second.

    Posted by John L. Heemstra, Sr on Oct 16th 2017

    I purchased my first Squirrel Stopper two years ago for use at our cottage. It's amazing. I love birds, and frankly I also love squirrels, raccoons, and all the rest of God's creatures. However, before I purchased the squirrel stopper, I was feeding the squirrels and raccoons, and if there happened to be something left, the birds snuck in to get a few seeds. Since installing the squirrel stopper, not a single squirrel or raccoon has been able to access any of the feeders that hung from it. My feed use has dropped to a fraction of what it was before. I'm sure I have recovered the cost of the pole in the savings from reduced bird seed consumption. I still have ground feeders that the other animals share with the birds, but my feathered friends enjoy sole access to the feeders on the squirrel stopper. I just received delivery of my second pole for use at our other home. The quality of the components is top notch and the assembly is amazingly simple. No tools are required other than the two wrenches that are included in the box. My two year old post looks just as good now as the day I put it up, so I'm looking forward to many more years of frustration free feeding.

  2. Outstanding product

    Posted by AB on Jul 29th 2017

    This is a very good product. The squirrels just look at , unlike the other products where the still make it up the pole. Thank you very much. Wish I found it years ago.

  3. Tried and True

    Posted by Martha on Jul 17th 2017

    This is the second one I have bought. I bought the first and it is well constructed (nothing cheap about it) and it really saves me money in bird food and work. Decided I need another one because my feeders stay busy. Love to feed the squirrels, but not my bird food. Birds scatter some on ground for squirrels.

  4. One terrific product!

    Posted by Unknown on May 10th 2017

    I like to feed the birds, but squirrels were eating me out of house and home instead, keeping the birds out of the feeders and wasting countless dollars in seed and suet every week. I had tried every idea and other type of feeder, and nothing worked. I was searching for something-anything-online, and read about Squirrel Stopper. I ordered one, and it is amazing! It works just as promised; the squirrels are helpless to get into it, and it also does not allow for nocturnal visits from the occasional raccoon. I wish I had found Squirrel Stopper years ago! I would recommend it to anyone.

  5. squirrel stopper feeder pole

    Posted by Dee on May 8th 2017

    Haven't used bird feeders in a long time, but this one is the best. Not only does it look appealing to the eye, but works like a charm to keep the squirrels away.

  6. #3

    Posted by Bob Brown on Mar 29th 2017

    This is the third unit i've purchased - great unit
    that really serves our purpose, but had severe rust issues. Was told the new unit had addressed this issue - sure hope so.

  7. absolutely works

    Posted by Harry Stein on Jan 30th 2017

    This is the third or fourth time we have ordered this feeder. It absolutely works and is a wonderful addition to our landscape. The
    only problem I have is because we live on the East Coast in Central Florida the metal corrodes every couple of years and breaks. Solve this problem and your product will be truly magnificent

  8. Squirrels stopped cold for 7 years

    Posted by Forge Ecosystems on Jan 8th 2017

    My wife discovered this feeder online & we bought it "on spec". It has been *superb*. We have used it for seven years and have *never* had a squirrel successfully climb the post to the feeders. Young/new squirrels try. They can't get over the bell (baffle). They then try to climb inside it--they bump around for a while and re-emerge in a bit, tail or head first (very amusing!). But they cannot get up. (You may need to trim nearby tree branches as the more athletic squirrels can jump from them to the cross-arms of the feeder.)
    The abundance of hangers (8) allows us to hang a suet feeder and three seed feeders with no interference.
    Also very durable, but note that there are excellent spare/replacement parts offered. (We may need a new auger as the old one may be rusted after 7 years in our highly acid soil--I'll check in the spring.)
    This feeder is one of the joys of our home.

  9. Quality Pole With Good Utility

    Posted by Jay on Nov 20th 2016

    Although I just erected the pole yesterday, so far I'm pleased with my choice. Good value. Good quality. Sturdy with clear (almost too clear!) directions. Nice options for hanging feeders. Waiting on my squirrels for the ultimate test.

  10. Just what we were looking for

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 13th 2016

    We just received our squirrel stopper. It arrived very quickly, was easy to put together and install. We have many birds that frequent our yard, so we had many feeders; therefore, many (5) poles. We were able to consolidate and eliminate three of the poles. Two remain as they support larger feeders. So far, we are very pleased and our yard will be easier to navigate with the lawn mower.The squirrels are still wondering what happened, they sit at the bottom and look up, glad they do not talk as I am sure they would be censored conversations.

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