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With over 45,000 units sold over the last few years, Squirrel Stopper products are helping people stop squirrels around the world.  Below you will find feedback from just a small group of our customers' opinions on our revolutionary product.

This does the duty of stopping squirrels. However, be careful where you place it. In the instructions, it says to place it 10 ft. away from fences and such. We didn't, and learned our lesson. First, they would jump from the birdbath next to it and onto a feeder, so then it was moved. Then, they realized that our fence was high and jumped from that onto the feeder. So read the directions. I've watched squirrels attempt to climb up the pole and just slide down many times. It's very amusing.
W. Whittaker - New Jersey

It works! I have had the Squirrel Stopper for six months and no squirrels have gotten past. No product I have ever had can avoid squirrels as well as the Squirrel Stopper can. It is the best lawn and garden product ever invented!
John M. - Lansing MI

This baby works! I received the post and put it in the ground after
assembly (taking a mere 5 minutes). The birds took a day to become
accustomed to the move but the squirrels came to it right away and began to size it up. They stood on their haunches, looked up and appeared to be saying "they have finally done it- no way can we get to the bird seed." The second day, they reappeared and did the same thing. Third day; no squirrels, and it has been that way for a month. Robert H. - McCormick, SC

If you buy this feeder pole, it doesn't matter what feeders you use; nothing is going to get to it except birds. Thank you for this great product. This is as simple as 1,2,3 to put together. This pole is built like a brickhouse. It holds four feeders securely but you can put more on easily. I have a lot of deer and they smell the feed, but now it is too high for them. Raccoons cannot get up it. I was having almost 10 pounds of feed eaten in one night. It was deer and raccoons at night; squirrels in the day. I had quit using my feeders and was only using thistle as other animals did not like thistle. Now I can feed all the birds. This was the best money I have spent. Thank you from the state of Tennessee. Randy R. - Kentucky Lake, TN

Six months ago I stopped feeding my birds because I was only feeding squirrels. I had tried all kinds of “squirrel-proof” feeders and nothing worked until I found the Squirrel Stopper system. I’ve had it for four months and not one squirrel has been able to reach the bird feeders. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enjoy my birds again! Dale J. – Dothan, AL

Your product helped my wife win the “war” with our backyard squirrels! She had no success until we bought your product. Michael R. – Roanoke, VA

I’ve tried all kinds of products to keep squirrels away. Nothing works like this one! Erin R. – West Bloomfield, MI

I got tired of spending all that money on “squirrel-proof” bird feeders. Now, I can use any feeder I want! Kathryn D. – Springfield, MA

I installed the Squirrel Stopper five months ago. So far, no critters have been able to get up the pole! The squirrels have given up and gone to my neighbors. Christine S. – Pawtucket, RI

I really like this device because of its strength and balance, and because it was so easy to put in the ground. Mary D. – Springfield, VA

I purchased your Squirrel Stopper pole and am very well pleased with it. My son and daughter-in-law would like one, also. Robert S. – Muskegon, MI

"It was easy to install, looks great and best of all....... IT REALLY WORKS!!! We have had no squirrels making it to the top...they are now eating the left over seedson the ground. Carolyn B.

So far it has been great! stayed solid in the face of strong winds and seems to keep the rodents and raccoons from getting to the feeders unlike the shepherds hook I was using. Sure it is expensive, but it is a good product and I couldn't ask for more considering. CalGal

This bird feeder pole really works! We have the most relentless squirrel population in the eastern US. After 1 week of use I am proud to report that the squirrelshave to wait for the birds to feed and then catch any remnants which have fallen. The baffle is fully effective! I love this feature in my back yard Buy it! My husband and I were even able to screw the pole into our rock hard clay soil after a major rain storm and some help from a post auger. Elaine- Moseley, VA

The pole seems to be both well designed and well made. It was easy for one person to put together and to install it.
I hit rock on my first attempt, so backed it out and moved it over a couple feet. It then went into the ground to
the desired depth, without any problem. I used a piece of broom handle as the lever, fearing I'd bend the arm if I
used it. I was able to reach all of the hooks as our feeder have wire hoops that extend up. These could be very easily added
to your feeders, if needed. My wife 5'3" was able to access any of the feeders now without problem.
If there were one thing I could change it would be to use Aluminum for the pole and metal parts. No paint, just "brushed" aluminum, I think, would add many more years to the life of the product.
Directions??? what are those for???
Now it's been investigated by three squirrels and so far all remained on the ground...
the may be just in the planning stages .... we'll see.

One thing I did notice in watching the video someone sent in, was that squirrel beat the system because the baffle did not
move down the pole, as designed. I don't know if it was stuck or that was a very light weight squirrel. I find it takes very
little weight to move the baffle down.  – Bob T

This does its duty of stopping squirrels. However be careful where you place it. In the instructions it says like place 10ft. away from fences and such. We didn't and learned our lesson. First they would jump from the birdbath next to it and onto a feeder. So that was moved. Then they realized our fence was high and jumped from that onto a feeder. So read the directions. Don't be like me and ignore it. I've watched squirrels attempt to climb up the pole and just slide down many times. Its very amusing. – William W.

This is a wonderful product. It is really sturdy and goes deep into the ground so it stays steady. My only problem is that being 5'4" I can't reach the highest arm to hang stuff on- but my husband attached a couple of hooks and now I can reach all the bird feeders to refill them. I wish I had bought this product a year ago instead of wasting money on cheap shepherd hooks ($20 each) and baffles ($25 each) that are flimsy and short. The squirrels could still get to my feeders despite having a large baffle because the shepherd hooks were not very tall. The Squirrel Stopper is a wonderful setup and well worth the cost. – Bird Watcher

Wow love this pole and it allows us to use cheaper feeders without the risk of squirrels getting to them - but now, 14 months after install it is rusting in many many spots. The coating is peeling off in chunks. Need to scrap it down and spray paint I guess now. The function of the pole works great - just thought it would last longer without needing upkeep.

2 years after purchase we did have to scrape entire pole down and spray paint the entire thing. Pole itself still functions well and no squirrels are getting to my cheap feeders - but I do hate scraping and spray painting. - Kim

If you're tired of the flimsy poles that lean over due to a medium weight feeder, you'll like this one. Here are the pros and cons as I see it.
1. Well build from heavier steel than normal (2 inch pipe).
2. Works for Squirrels as advertised.
3. Plenty of spaces to hang various feeders (8 hooks provided).
4. Screws into ground from 18 to 24 inches.
5. Has not been defeated by coons.

1. Can see where rust may be a problem.
2. A little expensive.
3. Assembly instructions are poorly worded and illustrated.
3. Certainly not deer proof (but not advertised as that).

We're enjoying it even in the dead of Winter in Central TX.
Overall we are very pleased. – Lynn B

My husband put this pole together very quickly although he said the directions were not very well written. I then clear coated with a clear matte Rust-Oleum product because several other reviewers complained that that the pole rusted in spots. I live in a place that has harsh Winters so I felt it would be a good idea to give the pole extra protection. Also the manufacturer has made the bottom of the pole an augur style with a mark for depth to sink the pole. It is pretty easy to get it deep into the ground with augur, plus it had rained the night before so it softened up the ground. It is a very tall pole witch is great. For the reviewer that said she was only 5'4" and couldn't reach the hooks. I am less than 5'4" and my husband put some small chains from the hooks and I can reach everything. We just put the pole up yesterday and the birds came immediately. So nice to replace my shepherd hooks! The squirrels and chipmunks were draining my feeders daily. Now they can all feed on the ground! We also have an occasional raccoon and opossum. So far I really love this pole and think the investment will be worthwhile so I can save on filling the feeder so often now that critters can't get into the feeders. – Cheryl

I installed the Squirrel Stopper two months ago. We have a dozen crafty grey squirrels (some with toolbelts), who have defeated all feeders at least once. Either by disassembling the stand, hoisting the feeders up hangers and near a tree trunk, crashing portable stand over, or disassembly of metal parts (stand legs or filling caps). In two months they have tried repeatedly to defeat this pole, but none have gotten up to the much less expensive, bird friendly feeders mounted on the four arms. Please note I did install this more than 10 feet from low branches, houses, fences, etc. It more than pays for itself in bird food. Thumbs up for the squirrel stopper! – Binoc T