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SquirrelStopper guarantees no squirrels will get up the pole for one year.

One year manufacturer warranty against material or manufacturer defects

Your warranty applies when item is used according to manufacturer’s instructions:

  • The baffle is installed at least 30 inches from the ground, able to move freely, and is level
  • Unit is installed ten feet from any bushes, trees, shrubs, buildings, etc
  • Birdfeeders and other items do not touch or hang below the baffle
  • Unit is properly maintained

SquirrelStopper will provide missing or defective hardware and parts free of charge upon original purchase of the unit.  If hardware needs to be replaced, please contact customer service.

This warranty does not cover minor scratches, cosmetic rust, or damage by other animals.

This warranty will be voided if installation and manufacturer’s instructions are not followed and applies to the original owner (date and proof of purchase may be required to process a warranty claim).


Contact SquirrelStopper Customer Service for any product issues via phone, (812)867-2333, or by using our Contact Us page,  Please have your original order information ready.