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We Carry Humane Squirrel Free Bird Feeders

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Squirrels are very persistent mammals and will approach a situation with a commitment to win. This means that they won’t give up too easy in any task they do. This includes the ongoing quest to steal bird food from bird feeders. Over the years, people have devised plans to keep the squirrel at bay and out of the feeders, but some of these plans are deviant in nature as they can harm the cute culprits. This is what we don’t want to see or hear about, but it does exist.

There are products on the market that come in the form of a thick, sticky gel that is used to cover the surface of where squirrels like to travel. That is, people spread it on the poles of their bird feeders and or on the branches where their feeders hang. Though it does tend to keep some squirrels at bay, it can do more harm than good as if birds get into the gel, it can certainly kill them. That is not a solution, that is a bigger problem.

There are feeders designed to deliver an electrical current that will shock the trespassing squirrel. We don’t need to point out the sheer cruelty of this solution.

Our Squirrel Stopper is safe and humane and best of all it works. Forget about methods that can do more harm than good and order one of our squirrel free bird feeders today.